Who are we?

Bild We are the chess working group of the Herder High School in Berlin-Charlottenburg. There is a lot to be said about our school. Just have a look at its homepage.
We have an agreement of cooperation with the chess club "Schachfreunde Siemensstadt". It offers a free membership for one year to high-talented young chess players. Up to date information about this club can be found at the club's homepage.
We meet in the classroom of the 8a (ground floor) every Friday starting at 14:30. The Monday is reserved for tournament matches and for special training.

What do we do?

Bild Well, what do you do in a chess club? We play a lot of chess and we enjoy doing it.
Nevertheless, the afternoons in our club always start with some serious training at the demonstration board. After all, we still want to become (even) better.
Then we usually play chess ourselves. This becomes more and more fun in the course of the afternoon. The time passes rapidly and quite often we don't even stop after three hours. Those of us who still do not have enough may pass over to the meeting of the Schachfreunde Siemensstadt.
Of course, we also pit our strength against others. Our school teams are competing with teams of other schools. Moreover, our partner chess club offers more opportunities to participate in several tournaments and championships to us.

What is here to be seen?

Bild On this site we want to tell you something about our training and our competitions (for competition results look here).
Each player gets the opportunity to present himself (look here).
Moreover, we offer you some excellent or interesting chess matches for re-enactment (look here).
Finally, our training material can be studied online or downloaded (look here).

written by Roland Pugliese